Tulip Cell

Tulip Cell currently provides the following technical analysis indicator functions to Excel (as of add-in version 0.8.1).

103 total indicators

   TI_AVGPRICE            Average Price
   TI_BBANDS              Bollinger Bands
   TI_DEMA                Double Exponential Moving Average
   TI_EMA                 Exponential Moving Average
   TI_HMA                 Hull Moving Average
   TI_KAMA                Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average
   TI_LINREG              Linear Regression
   TI_MEDPRICE            Median Price
   TI_PSAR                Parabolic SAR
   TI_SMA                 Simple Moving Average
   TI_TEMA                Triple Exponential Moving Average
   TI_TRIMA               Triangular Moving Average
   TI_TSF                 Time Series Forecast
   TI_TYPPRICE            Typical Price
   TI_VIDYA               Variable Index Dynamic Average
   TI_VWMA                Volume Weighted Moving Average
   TI_WCPRICE             Weighted Close Price
   TI_WILDERS             Wilders Smoothing
   TI_WMA                 Weighted Moving Average
   TI_ZLEMA               Zero-Lag Exponential Moving Average

   TI_AD                  Accumulation/Distribution Line
   TI_ADOSC               Accumulation/Distribution Oscillator
   TI_ADX                 Average Directional Movement Index
   TI_ADXR                Average Directional Movement Rating
   TI_AO                  Awesome Oscillator
   TI_APO                 Absolute Price Oscillator
   TI_AROON               Aroon
   TI_AROONOSC            Aroon Oscillator
   TI_ATR                 Average True Range
   TI_BOP                 Balance of Power
   TI_CCI                 Commodity Channel Index
   TI_CMO                 Chande Momentum Oscillator
   TI_CVI                 Chaikins Volatility
   TI_DI                  Directional Indicator
   TI_DM                  Directional Movement
   TI_DPO                 Detrended Price Oscillator
   TI_DX                  Directional Movement Index
   TI_EMV                 Ease of Movement
   TI_FISHER              Fisher Transform
   TI_FOSC                Forecast Oscillator
   TI_KVO                 Klinger Volume Oscillator
   TI_LINREGINTERCEPT     Linear Regression Intercept
   TI_LINREGSLOPE         Linear Regression Slope
   TI_MACD                Moving Average Convergence/Divergence
   TI_MARKETFI            Market Facilitation Index
   TI_MASS                Mass Index
   TI_MFI                 Money Flow Index
   TI_MOM                 Momentum
   TI_MSW                 Mesa Sine Wave
   TI_NATR                Normalized Average True Range
   TI_NVI                 Negative Volume Index
   TI_OBV                 On Balance Volume
   TI_PPO                 Percentage Price Oscillator
   TI_PVI                 Positive Volume Index
   TI_QSTICK              Qstick
   TI_ROC                 Rate of Change
   TI_ROCR                Rate of Change Ratio
   TI_RSI                 Relative Strength Index
   TI_STOCH               Stochastic Oscillator
   TI_TR                  True Range
   TI_TRIX                Trix
   TI_ULTOSC              Ultimate Oscillator
   TI_VHF                 Vertical Horizontal Filter
   TI_VOLATILITY          Annualized Historical Volatility
   TI_VOSC                Volume Oscillator
   TI_WAD                 Williams Accumulation/Distribution
   TI_WILLR               Williams %R

   TI_CROSSANY            Crossany
   TI_CROSSOVER           Crossover
   TI_DECAY               Linear Decay
   TI_EDECAY              Exponential Decay
   TI_LAG                 Lag
   TI_MAX                 Maximum In Period
   TI_MD                  Mean Deviation Over Period
   TI_MIN                 Minimum In Period
   TI_STDDEV              Standard Deviation Over Period
   TI_STDERR              Standard Error Over Period
   TI_SUM                 Sum Over Period
   TI_VAR                 Variance Over Period

   TI_ABS                 Vector Absolute Value
   TI_ACOS                Vector Arccosine
   TI_ADD                 Vector Addition
   TI_ASIN                Vector Arcsine
   TI_ATAN                Vector Arctangent
   TI_CEIL                Vector Ceiling
   TI_COS                 Vector Cosine
   TI_COSH                Vector Hyperbolic Cosine
   TI_DIV                 Vector Division
   TI_EXP                 Vector Exponential
   TI_FLOOR               Vector Floor
   TI_LN                  Vector Natural Log
   TI_LOG10               Vector Base-10 Log
   TI_MUL                 Vector Multiplication
   TI_ROUND               Vector Round
   TI_SIN                 Vector Sine
   TI_SINH                Vector Hyperbolic Sine
   TI_SQRT                Vector Square Root
   TI_SUB                 Vector Subtraction
   TI_TAN                 Vector Tangent
   TI_TANH                Vector Hyperbolic Tangent
   TI_TODEG               Vector Degree Conversion
   TI_TORAD               Vector Radian Conversion
   TI_TRUNC               Vector Truncate